Two words describe me: Wine and Writing

I graduated from Central Washington University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Global Wine Studies and  minors in both Retail Management & Technology and Business Management. 

During my studies, and the first couple years of my wine career, I spent summers in Alaska working at a remote fly fishing lodge. Eventually, Alaska won, and I decided to move to Homer, Alaska with the intention of continuing my career in the wine industry. 

I combined my love of writing with my knowledge of wine to create a freelance writing career.

Named 'Wine & Write'; based off the two things I love most. Although sometimes my work time turns from wine and write, into wine and wine, or on the particularly bad and whine.

My current projects include and (coming soon) and virtualwineexpert (also coming soon).

--Wine Wizard, Stray Cat Whisperer, and Chaotic Creative--